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AD1865 the best DAC

AD1865 the best DAC


After many time lost to explore the DAC world from the DAC 1.0 to the DAC Final I have found the end of this way.

The No Oversampling DAC give a more natural sound but if you ear the TDA1541 and TDA1543 seem to lose details.

The AD1865N-K with passive I/V give a perfect combination, natural sound and all the details.


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A kit includes:

  • AD1865 Chip-N
  • CS8414 Chip
  • 74HC04 chip
  • and components, products have been tested and completed,
  • Does not include shipping and the out put (IV stage )


The shiping by DHL about 30$


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mengkut comments:
"Specific Hao said," check all of the CS8414 leg yesterday read the datasheet of the SC8414 not understand why it boiling like FM. I suddenly flashed on the son ic ic is glued, not welded his so familiar ...? How is this the end hooks attach all of the very first leg has finished plug. The feeling of specific know how when you then hear the melodious music scholarships emit no bass? then than 11g, Bear wakes up her sleeping Scholarship grumbled they are considered ideal world cup! so you hear a line more than one CD at 3 am. As of late or hear more! ơi sweet sound is sweet! bass filled with deep powerful compact, high bar separate treble English, and the singing of capenter alas, how that so sweet and gentle! ball really worth!
The instruments are registered on the board go fast hands, happiness is waiting at the front! " wrote: *** Last night I went to play audio DAC reseach model (do not remember, but it bears), TEAC CDP 50, according to their personal nature, the DAC for audio END feeling smooth, easy , quiet, high to move, deep down decisively lower resolution, and solid, not underground tanks rumble, BASS Teng Gu true love and her bag! ***


hotzman Ond say:

Pictures with my DAC END 2! No final case!
I used hi-end components...AD1865N-K, RA resistors, AudioNote/Shinkoh tantalum resistors(I/V), Kiwame power resistors, Black Gate, Jensen, Nichicon, Wima Black Box, OS-CON, Solen, russian teflon capacitors, MUR ultra fast rectifiers(12-25ns), Electro-Harmonix tubes 6H30Pi(pair)...and more! On DAC END2 PCB, across each MUR rectifiers I used 0,1uF/100V red Wima.
I say sound!!!
Thank you! ***

OLD THREAD DAC End by Andrea Ciuffoli
apelizzo post 934

OLD THREAD DAC End by Andrea Ciuffoli
Post 1250 agithegreat

OLD THREAD DAC End by Andrea Ciuffoli
Post 1394 -flocchini

OLD THREAD DAC End by Andrea Ciuffoli
Post 1520 - ksnider1

OLD THREAD DAC End by Andrea Ciuffoli
post 1539-Yunick

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From Comment
2010-11-30 Tuan Anh .... After a long time waiting for the components to arrive at my home, it took me two days to wire them up on the PCBs (for others it may not have taken that long, for that was the first time I had ever been dealing with electronic circuits on PCBs). Adjusting the Salas Shunt power supply was even greatly easier than I had ever imagined before a friend showed me how. I guess you all know what happened then. I kept sitting and listening from eve to nearly dawn, unconsciously had any feelings about what's happening around me but the incredibly improved sound from my same old system. If any of you ask me whether it is worth investing in such a DAC, I would simply say let's do it!
2010-11-17 Pointed .... Last few weeks, I did complete my DAC-End 2 including Soviet 6h6p tube IV buffer, now it’s the time for entering the new world...! Are you with me???
“…turn-off the light, take the deep breathe and relax…let the rhythms be your guiding light… “
Discovering your music soul through the DAC-End 2 is a really religious experience - honestly speaking, the DAC-End2 shall bring to listener the natural sound and all the details above the warm background tone. I was very impressed with this board, it’s sound are like a sweet and lovely feeling surrounding me, much and much difference from my previous system (wet and cool like the ghost cave ;-)).
I am the fan of bass so it’s clearly the one I am looking for; the bass sound so dense and composed, event thought a few CD, ... long time hearing without any fatigue. Clear high-range sound of the instrument are keeping in balance, not confused, not too sharp as in the climax pick paragraphs or soprano vocals. (someone said to me it was a little bit lacking spine-chilling? – I don’t think so)
Generally I am very pleased with my new DAC-End2, after occasionally hearing; I felt my memory of analog tape a faraway time has come back to me!.
2010-09-25 Tuan .... I'm using this DAC with the 6dj8 bugle boy, military teflon cap, to my surprise, the sound is not only very detailed but also very sparkle at high frequency, the bass goes deep and punchy, silky smooth mid, even sweeter than sweets, and very dynamic.
2010-09-24 Thuan .... I've just finished the DAC END 2 build a couple weeks ago.
To my surprise, the DAC END 2 has amazing sound. The tube output has very analog-like sound which adds the smooth, silky flavor to the sound. Bass is tight and deep. Top end is very sparkling but depends greatly on the tubes you use. I'm currently using the Siemens E88CC which I consider the best out there.

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