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Dedicated to advancing the state-of-art in affordable high end audio.

This web site has been going through some major changes!


  • All projects are designed by Andrea Ciuffoli , a famous Italian audo DIY-er.


  • Meanwhile some power supplies are designed by Salas, a famous designer from Greek.


  • All PCBs are made by quang hao who also have some own audio designs.
  • All of the designs are fully tested and have hi-end specifications.


Please see all Project at home page: http://www.audiodesignguide.com/

 Thank you


Andrea Ciuffoli , a famous Italian audo Diy-er 

 working in progress:

 1) Hi-Resolution System 192KHz 24bit starting phase
 2) The Monitor 3
last listen test
 3) HybridAR 80w Amplifier   <<<<<<<<<<<<  last listen test >>>>>>>>> 
 4) 813 / GM70 Amplifier
<<<<<<<<<<<<  chassie first photos >>>>>>>>>
 5) 845 Amplifier with only two stages
soon first photos
 new finished projects:
 1) PP2010 50w Vacuum Tube Amplifier < the best sound of the last years
 2) Fast and cheap hi-Resolution System 192KHz 24bit
 3) Hi-End and Hi-Eff loudspeaker system 
 4) Cheap system 3
 5) DAC End 2 (AD1865N-K) with available the pcb and the kit
 6) Pre Phono 4 - opened group buy for the pcb


Salas, a famous designer from Greek 

working in progress: